Had an interview for a placement today. And I GOT IT! Yippeee!!! Just need to sort out the health and safety stuff, but after my holiday (HOLIDAY!!!) I am going to do two weeks with Biss Lancaster in Manchester. It should be really good. Liesel said they have had some MMU students from the MA Public Relations before and they were fantastic. Have to live up to that reputation now. After all, we don’t want to embarass the uni now, do we? Uh uh…

So, I think this may be my last blog for the next two weeks. Will have to pack tomorrow, because I am leaving with Alex for Corfu on Friday. Yay!! Just two days until sun and sea and sand and summer and cocktails and all-inclusive yummi food and… and… and…

Will let you know how it was when I get back. Until then, I would be reeeally greatful if you have any ideas or comments for me and my independent study. Thanks, guys!! xx


Talked to Wendy about my struggle with placements. Don’t want to expand online tho, just makes me too angry and frustrated… :o[

Anyway, in that context, Wendy made some good comments. Told her about Katy’s, Alice’s and Clive’s comments regarding the ‘do what you are interested in and link it with corporate communications later’ issue (thanks guys, by the way – was a very good thinking point for me!!). She said I should look at some PR issues and sectors and see what’s currently happening and what interests me. That was great!!!

Have started to catch up with my PR Week magazines, but it’s all a bit of a drag at the mo. However, I see what Wendy meant. I had a good laugh at the different views about the T5 disaster at Heathrow… That was quite interesting. Also, MMU is part of an organisation called OMEGA (something to do with environmental issues, I think). Have to check it all out a bit more. It’s great fun tho.

Wendy also said that I may get some more ideas once I have done my placement. Just don’t know if I can wait that long. I’m so impatient… hihi.

Next week I will target my list of possible places for placements that I created during this week. That will take me days… *sigh* Anyway, during the process of looking for places I started to get a better idea of what sectors I am/ am not intersted in. Was quite a lot of research… Will read more next week before I go on holiday on Friday. Yippeee!!! Holiday!!!

Right, gotta go to bed. Have to be at work in seven hours. Oh noooo!!! Night, night then!!

Spoke with Wendy this week. Told her about my initial idea of evaluating an existing marketing plan and she pointed out that I don’t actually have the resources to do this professionally. I am simply missing the access, tools and materials. Oh well…

However, it shows once again how great Wendy is. She just thinks that step ahead and points out the obvious and important things I seem to miss. Overall, she gives me a fantastic balance with her expertise, knowledge and support. PLUS she is really nice and great to talk to, too. Just to name some of the reasons for asking her to supervise me throughout my independent study… 

… which I did – and she accepted. Yipee! I am really happy. Cannot imagine anyone who would be suited better. She always seems to know exactly what’s important.  


Today we have to come up with some initial ideas for our study, but I still haven’t got a clue what I want to do. I know that I’m not the most creative person, so I would like to do something nicely structured. It also has to be within a corporate framework to match my Corporate Communications route. However, so far the ideas just aren’t coming. I think I am restricting myself too much to the corporate framework. I just can’t think outside the box.

Well, yesterday I met Emily from the library and she was very helpful. With her help I came to the possible idea of finding an existing Marketing Plan of a company/product, evaluating it and finally, coming up with an alternative plan. However, I am not too sure if I will get bored with it. And what happens if the plan works out quite well? And how do I get hold of these things? Had a quick look last night but couldn’t find anything. I might just try to find Wendy and ask her some questions.

Until then, I am greatful for any suggestions… (hint, hint –> HELP!!!)

My first Blog

Today I set up my blog. Unfortunately, I do not have an idea for my study subject yet. However, I hope to get some ideas within the next two weeks. For now, I want to make a note of two things that could help me progress with my studies in the future.

Firstly, think about all those horrible 26-page journals which are written in one block paragraph. What a nightmare! Never write more than 25 words in a sentence and use clear language, paragraphs and headlines to make it easy to read.

Also, consider the following quote from Jenkins (2006):

“We should change our theory every five thousand miles just like we change oil in our cars. New injections improve performance and keep us from clogging up the system.”

Reference:  Jenkins, H. (2006) Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers: Exploring Participatory Culture., London: New York University Press.